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1. Stance

Identify your natural and most dominant boxing position

2. Body Position

Optimise the foundation for all boxing techniques

3. Footwork

Learn about the effective mobility of both legs and feet

4. Making a Fist

Essential hand positioning and protection using ‘wraps’

5. Straight Punches

Develop quick lead jabs and powerful backhand crosses

6. Hooks

Master side-striking punches with good body rotation

7. Uppercuts & Shovels

Deliver shots thrown upwards to head or body targets

8. Defence

Important to understand even when boxing training alone

9. Learning the Punchmap

Key visual aid supporting FytFit’s boxing-by-numbers system

10. Start Shadowboxing with Fytfit

Perfect your technique by boxing in front of a mirror

11. Punchbag with Fytfit

Add resistance and target range to your boxing training

12. Fytfit Training Methods

Experiment with different ways of using FytFit sessions